Boutiq Foundation

Boutiq Foundation is a Ugandan community-based arts and culture incubator with a global vision, based in the Makindye district of Kampala.

Over the past three years, Boutiq has organised events, music and film productions, established Nyege Nyege Festival, a pioneering three day international music festival, set up East Africa’s first music label geared towards releasing new musical genres from the East Africa and beyond as well as many other smaller scale projects with a sizeable impact. Eager to leverage national, regional and international networks, Boutiq has set up a residency program for cultural producers from all over the world and held over 30 high profile residencies to date.

A self-sufficient and pioneering organisation with growing national, regional and global links, Boutiq’s vision is to constantly explore new ways to help blossom the fertile Ugandan arts community through creating sustainable platforms for production, promotion and distribution of artistic and cultural output made in Uganda.

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